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It’s all about the relationship

She’s 9 and her pony is 16.  They attended a horsemanship workshop here at In the Company of Horses to better understand Focus. She was the youngest participant by far, but the most free to imagine and play with herself and her horse!

IMAGINE What's Possible!

The task was to ask her pony to stand on the tires or the balance beam with all four feet and if she found that too easy to somehow increase it’s quality.

She had lots of conversations with her pony over the course of the two day workshop, asking him to go with her or to go first, in circles, over jumps all in an effort to get to know one another.  They had a magical two days as they flitted about from one place to another always together challenging one another in the most playful ways.

The child had scary mental images in her mind of the times she had seen her pony ridden by some local teenagers.  Once the pony ran off with one of the teens, and another time; he bucked one of them off. But this day, he was lovely, looking to his little girl for reassurance if he got scared,  trying to do all that she could think of in her imaginative mind. Over, under, through, around, on top of,  in, forward, back; they played, both on the ground,  for hours the first morning as their confidence and trust in one another grew.

It was thought there were issues with the saddle and the little girl believed it.  All morning long she kept observing the pony having no problem with the saddle. Every now and again, she would head over to the tires to see what her pony thought  about stepping up on top and Lo and Behold ~ Done.

Knowing it was only the morning of day 1 she took me up on my suggestion to refine whatever you get!  If it’s too easy how can you improve the quality of your task.  See the tire in the foreground?  Well it has a pocket of water inside and whenever the pony would step on it, the water acted like a volcano and gushed out making a sucking noise!  When the pony finally stood next to the gushing volcano with all 4 feet at the end of Sunday, he looked at the water, then back at his girl. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that her pony stood there because his little girl wanted him to. No force, she just stayed in the conversation for two days. Now that’s Focus!